Our Team

AJ APPEAL : Founder and Editor

AJ has been a student of motorsports since the 1990s. His passion primarily focuses around the world of NASCAR, but he enjoys all forms of motorsports. His professional background has varied, but the majority of his career he worked in entertainment in the Central Ohio region. He has experience in television, radio, voiceover, acting, and promotional event work.

He ran for office in the Central Ohio area in 2009, and 2011. Despite receiving 18% of the vote in a 5-candidate race, he was not elected. He is passionate about politics and education themed causes.

In 2015 he started Appeal 5 LLC, an entertainment company focused on assisting clients in promoting their brand to a broader audience through the use of innovation and entertainment. His notable clients included a national championship winnning baseball team, local school districts, and a nationally ranked marching band.

He has recorded podcasts as a hobby and for his clients since 2013. In 2020, his podcast Racing Refresh rebranded and became a motorsports news site. The Racing Refresh brand now consists of approximately 12 writers around the United States, and a local Columbus team of 10 people.

AJ is a Christian, and believes that a combination of faith, hard work, and never giving up will result in wonderful outcomes. He can be contacted at the below listed links. 




Adam Carabine
Adam Carabine has only been a NASCAR fan since 2019, when some die-hard friends had him over to watch a race.  A passion was sparked.  With a love of sports, and an affinity (obsession?) for statistics, NASCAR was a natural fit.  

Adam joined the Racing Refresh team in 2020. He created #StatChat as a complimentary feature to the site and was promoted to co-editor in April of 2021.  He lives just outside Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two step-daughters. 

In addition to his work on the site, Adam also attends press conferences regularly for Racing Refresh throughout each week of the motorsports schedule. He can be contacted at the below listed links.