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David Vs. Goliath - The Interesting Stories Of The Same Name NASCAR Underdogs In The 2000s

written by AJ Appeal

The pre-season fanfare for American baseball includes reports on the best and worst prospects heading into Spring Training each year. We are told by tenured sports writers why they feel players will lead the league in strikeouts or home runs, and quite often they are correct in their predictions. Imagine a sport with so many probabilities such as baseball, we almost instantly know who the next rising star is and what they're going to be capable of before their career even begins.

It isn't uncommon for predictions of a similar nature to occur in the world of stock car racing. One of the most memorable came in the 2000's when NASCAR legend Mark Martin told the world about young Joey Logano. So much has been made about Logano's earned nickname, 'Sliced Bread', which he was called as a teenager. We watched as Joey made his way through the ranks and it turned out that Martin was correct. Logano demanded the media's attention and won race after race in the then NASCAR Nationwide (Xfinity) Series driving the Gamestop Toyota. His rookie season in Cup he won and became the youngest ever winner in NASCAR's premiere series. As exciting as it was to watch Joey in that era, we all felt like we knew what to expect because of Mark Martin and the media telling us he was the next best thing.

The 1990s and 2000s are referred to as NASCAR's Golden Era for several reasons. One of them being an increase in driver personality and average talent which made on-track competition more fierce than ever. As the turn of the century happened we were introduced to dozens of young or previously successful racers who were preparing for their Cup Series careers. Jamie McMurray and Kasey Kahne, Martin Truex Jr. and Clint Bowyer. Countless other men and women strived for greatness.

One of the most interesting things that happened was a wave of men named David who felt they had what it took to dethrone the reigning champion. Champions in this era were true juggernauts such as the Labontes, Dale Jarrett, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon and Tony could call them Goliaths. Every one of those champs became future hall of fame recipients.

Many of the Davids that entered the top echelon had a storied career in their past, it only seemed right that they could grow from bench warmer to starting all-star. Some of them earned wonderous accolades while others struggled more than they had hoped. Here are the interesting stories of the same-name underdogs.


Photo Source: ISC Archives/NASCAR

David Green

You probably heard of the Alabama Gang if you're reading content on Racing Refresh. It's possible, perhaps, that you are less familiar with the 'Owensboro Boys'.

Most popular from the Owensboro region were the Waltrip brothers Darrell and Michael, but another set of brothers who shared a name with the 'Go!' flag were also born there.

The oldest of the Green brothers was David, born in 1958. His brothers Jeff and Mark Green both had their own racing careers that followed in his path. David's B