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FARO Joins RFK TeK Alliance

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Press Release | RFK RACING

CONCORD, N.C. (Jan. 31, 2024) – FARO®, the global leader in 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions has joined eight-time NASCAR champions RFK Racing as part of the RFK TeK Alliance to create the FARO technology center. The Center will feature FARO’s best in class 3D metrology hardware and software to support all of RFK’s competitive efforts.


With the introduction of the NASCAR Next Gen car, metrology has resulted in a more advanced, competitive environment across the NASCAR industry. As a result, each part demands to be inspected at a higher level of accuracy and precision, which will drive the most detailed analysis of parts to date. This understanding of parts will lead to improved performance, and strict adherence to NASCAR regulations, an emphasis now more than ever. Beyond that, the enhancement of part measurements feeds other critical processes within RFK, such as multi-body vehicle simulation, PLM history, and optimization of completed vehicle assemblies per race track.


“In this day and age of NASCAR, the finest level of details in every facet makes the difference in our team’s ability to compete for and win races and championships,” said Kevin Kidd, Director of Software and Analytics for RFK Racing. “The creation of the FARO technology center will provide our team access to world-class tools and software to build the top level of cars in the sport, and drive efficiencies within the organization. Our partnership with FARO is a perfect fit to allow our company to excel as the premier ‘Tech’ team in the sport.”


RFK will use various equipment within the FARO technology center, including the FARO Quantum S Max FaroArm®, Vantage E6 Max Laser Tracker, CAM2® Software, and RevEngSoftware.


The Quantum S Max FaroArm, along with its lineup of Laser Line Probes (LLPs), will enable RFK to perform precision inspections and generate 3D scans for individual parts and fully-assembled vehicle bodies. The Vantage E6 Max Laser Tracker will be used for overall quality control of larger parts, including chassis, large body panels and floor components, and will be the primary tool used in vehicle setup prior to events. Pairing the two hardware’s capabilities also enables the team to use multiple Quantum Max FaroArms for quality inspections in record time when necessary.


CAM2 Software serves as the backbone for these products. RFK will now reap the benefit of all measurement and inspection data residing in one software stack. The ease of use within this software will allow RFK’s quality inspection engineers to gain more insight at a more rapid pace than ever before. RevEng Software’s ability to transition 3D scans into CAD models in record time will enable RFK to quickly reverse engineer needed parts.


RFK’s next step in the process with FARO includes a variety of exciting products that are in the pipeline, including capabilities the team currently doesn’t utilize, all of which will affect and determine RFK’s success in the future.


We are thrilled to partner with RFK in their quest for racing excellence,” commented Jeff Sexton, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for FARO. “Our innovation and metrology mastery aligns well with the RFK vision. We look forward to creating a symbiotic alliance where every measurement counts, and every fraction of a second matters on the track. We will work together to achieve success on and off the track.”


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