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Film Review : ROWDY Movie Highlights Competitive Drive and Demeanor Behind NASCAR Legend Kyle Busch

Film Review

'Rowdy' (2022)

Director, Richard Valenzuela

2nd Director JJ Terry


ROWDY chronicles the career of bad-boy and two-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kyle Busch. Commonly referred to by his fans as 'Rowdy', a nickname he was given in his first several years in NASCAR's truck series, Busch was compared regularly to Michael Rooker's Rowdy Burns character from the 1990 film Days of Thunder.

The world of the motorsports documentaries is currently thriving as auto racing continues to return to a place of dominance in weekly television and sports ratings as they once had in the 1990's. With the success of other projects such as 'Race: Bubba Wallace', and 'Formula 1: Drive to Survive' having success as mini series, and Michael Waltrip's 'Blink of an Eye' being successful at the box office, it makes sense that a passionate driver such as Busch would feel an urge to share his story.

"The Thing you want to be able to do is to be well-liked when you retire. I know right now I'm not close to retiring, and I'm not close to being liked."
- Kyle Busch

The film begins with Kyle's wife Samantha Busch, going through the dramatic details, from her memory on a day that changed the entire future of the Busch family's life.

" know, I remember everything from the day. I remember what I had on. I was like 27 weeks pregnant at the time. I could hear the spotter and Kyle, and the crew chief.."

The buildup continued, with action shots, and monstrous sound of both quality b-reel and Fox Sports footage of the 2015 Alert Today Florida 300 at Daytona International Speedway. The race occurred the day before the premier Daytona 500, which Kyle Busch was an annual favourite for despite winless in the crown jewel up to that point.

Kyle's brother, 2004 NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kurt Busch and Fox Sports veteran analyst Jamie Little are introduced into the film as more action build-up sequences rise to a boiling stop. Viewers are suddenly stimulated with action shots of the crash that becomes the priority topic of the remainder of the feature. We hope the audience has had their final pit stops and Coca-Cola refills, they're not gonna wanna get up from their seats the rest of the feature.

Kyle Busch is the most polarizing driver in NASCAR.
- Jamie Little

We the fan learn and watch in the second act as the story covers Kyle's youth, his relationship with his older brother, and his younger experiences in the world of NASCAR. The addition of several other opinioned figures in the world of motorsports continue, including Hall-of-Famer's in Rick Hendrick (Owner) and Jeff Gordon (former driver and executive).