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Formula One Race Preview: Australian Grand Prix

(Formula One on Twitter)

For the first time since 2019, Formula One will race at Albert Park for the Australian Grand Prix. Many things have changed since that time in 2020 when the entire world shutdown from the COVID-19 pandemic. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen became World Champions, a new car has been introduced, and Charles Leclerc no longer wears banana suits in quarantine. With 2022 already having two races in its belt with the closest racing we have seen in decades, a trip down under has all the hype in the world to be a very exciting race. Below is everything you need to know for the 2022 Australian Grand Prix

Track Changes: Albert Park has undergone massive changes in preparation to the Australian Grand Prix. Starting with its pit lane. In 2019, Albert Park had one of the narrowest pit lanes on the circuit with one of the slowest pit lane speeds at 37 miles per hour. Entering 2022, the pit lane has been widened and the speed has been increased to 49 miles per hour (80 kp/h). On track, Albert Park has widened turns and removed some altogether. The inside lane of Turn One has been winded by 8.2 feet, 13 feet inside Turn Four, 24 feet inside Turn Six, and 11 feet inside Turn 15. The changes at turns 1 and 3 are more in line to create more overtaking opportunities as they are both corners that are preceded by DRS straights. Turns One and Three received some slight banking on the inside of the corner to open up more passing opportunities. Turn Six on the other hand has been opened up more. The previous apex speed through six