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LEGACY MOTOR CLUB Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Arrowhead Brass

Updated: Feb 9, 2023


STATESVILLE, N.C. (January 30, 2023) - LEGACY MOTOR CLUB owners Maury Gallagher and Jimmie Johnson along with Team Ambassador Richard Petty, today announced a multi-year partnership with Arrowhead Brass. The US - based manufacturer of plumbing valves and irrigation products is the leading manufacturer of exterior and interior plumbing products for high-end professional builders and homeowners.

In 1936, Arrowhead Brass started manufacturing distinctive brass hose bibs in Los Angeles, California. In 1937, Champion Irrigation was founded by brass bell makers who manufactured several irrigation products, including brass anti-siphon valves. Working as two separate companies for close to 70 years, Arrowhead Brass and Champion Irrigation merged in 2006 to become Champion-Arrowhead, strengthening the two independent legacy-based brands. In 2018, the company expanded beyond exterior valves to interior plumbing products to provide customers with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their residential and commercial plumbing needs under the Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing, LLC umbrella. Most recently in 2021, the company introduced the ICEBREAKER Freeze-proof wall hydrant line.

“At Arrowhead Brass we strongly believe it is our responsibility to keep families safe,” stated Jim Kapparos, Managing Director of Marketing & Sales - Americas. “Our mission has been to provide the highest-quality lead-free plumbing products available on the market today. Our high-quality products have been a staple in American homes for generations. We are proud of this legacy and are excited about the future. We are very excited to partner with driver Noah Gragson and LEGACY MOTOR CLUB for the 2023 season and beyond. To partner with a group of people like Richard Petty, Maury Gallagher, Jimmie Johnson, Erik Jones and Noah is a home run for our business. This exciting new partnership allows us to expand the presence of Arrowhead Brass within the NASCAR community. We look forward to working together to build lifelong legacies.”

Arrowhead Brass will be proximately featured on the No. 42 Chevrolet B-post as well as the C-post of the No. 43 Chevrolet for three NASCAR Cup Series races this season.

“We are really proud to welcome Arrowhead Brass on board,” stated Gallagher. “It makes us proud to work with a U.S.- based company that has been around for 87 years. Their corporate values align well with our team and like Richard, Jimmie and I, they have built a legacy of their own that has spanned across generations. We appreciate their partnership and welcome them to LEGACY MOTOR CLUB.”

The NASCAR Cup Series season will begin in Los Angeles, California at the LA Memorial Coliseum on Sunday, February 5th, for the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum. Tune-in to FOX at 8:00 PM ET as LEGACY MOTOR CLUB makes its highly anticipated official on-track debut in the exhibition race ahead of the 65th-annual DAYTONA 500.


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