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McDowell Wins, Daytona 500 Review, and A Reflection on Speedweeks - AJ's Thoughts

(Photo Credit : Review Journal of Las Vegas)

McDowell Wins BIG

As much as I love American stock car racing, there are races that are so bland we may never mention them again in a social setting. Other events stand out in our hearts and we talk about them every chance we get. This year's running of the 'Great American Race' is a story that we will always remember. Expect to see videos of McDowell cheering with the fans at the start finish line, and the wild last lap of the 2021 Daytona 500 forever.

He's done it. It took him a long time, but Michael McDowell has won at NASCAR's greatest stage.

While the race itself is being labeled as an underdog win, a small amount of research is all it takes to realize that the pieces have been there for the #34 team to get this win for s