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Mechanix Wear Extends NASCAR Partnership as the Official Glove of NASCAR

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Press Release | NASCAR

Mechanix Wear, the leader in high-performance hand protection, extends its partnership with NASCAR, enhancing the grip on a relationship that has fortified teams and pit crews since 2002.

This multiyear partnership reaffirms Mechanix Wear’s reputation as the Official Glove of NASCAR and the brand that embodies the sport’s relentless pursuit of quality and performance.

“The adrenaline-pumping world of NASCAR has been an incredible partner over the years, trusting us to pioneer advancements that safeguard and empower hard-working hands in the garage and at home,” stated Jesse Spungin, CEO of Mechanix Wear.

Through a variety of channels, Mechanix Wear and NASCAR will continue to spotlight the work of NASCAR teams and pit crews to bring awareness and provide visibility to the brand’s product.

“It’s a testament to our shared vision and mission of innovation, safety, and performance,” stated Jesse Spungin, CEO of Mechanix Wear. “By extending our partnership and reaffirming our commitment to the deeply passionate NASCAR community, we’re not just protecting the working hands in the sport—we’re sharing their awe-inspiring stories where it resonates most.”

With this partnership renewal, Mechanix Wear returns to the NASCAR Mexico and NASCAR Canada Series via their contingency programs. The expansion signifies a renewed commitment to racing in North America that aligns with the continued growth of the brand throughout Canada and Mexico.

“Through our longstanding partnership, Mechanix Wear has been synonymous with best-in-class products, safety and innovation in NASCAR,” said Michelle Byron, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Partnership Marketing. “As they’ve done for more than 30 years, we’re thrilled that Mechanix Wear will continue to play a leading role in safety and performance at NASCAR events in the United States, Canada and Mexico each and every weekend.”

From the inception of its game-changing Original® glove back in the 1991 DAYTONA 500 to today’s wide-ranging line of hand protection and other PPE products, Mechanix Wear stands as the gold standard of innovation and performance in its industry. This renewed partnership ensures that as NASCAR continues to redefine the limits of motorsport, Mechanix Wear will remain firmly centered at the crossroads where future technology, safety, and exhilarating storytelling come together.


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