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Motorsports Power Rankings: Week of May 3rd.

We here at present you with the motor sports power rankings, where each week we will take a look at ten drivers from the top racing series around the world. Making the list is an internal poll that our writers have filled out to present their top ten drivers of the week.

#1: Lewis Hamilton - Formula One

"I love the conversation of 'Greatest of All-Time'. LeBron vs. Jordan, Red Sox Vs. Yankees, Brady Vs. The World (See what I did there?). Prior to 2007, it was apparent in my mind that the greatest human race car driver was and would always be Michael Schumacher. His poise and physique combined with a schedule that benefited him, and what must have been billions of dollars from Marlboro and Ferrari were a combination of greatness that is rarely matched. I believe that Lewis Hamilton's passing of Schumacher for wins alone puts him as the greatest of all-time. Not only in Formula 1, but in all forms of motor sports. He has a competency and raw talent that is hard to comprehend as a fan. Being the greatest ever isn't good enough, though. He is coming off of a 4-season championship winning streak with a start to the 2021 season of 1st, 2nd, and 1st. His 8 point lead over famed Verstappen makes him a giant killer over giant killers. I predict Hamilton will be on top of our power rankings for several weeks to come." AJ Appeal - Editor,

#2: Max Verstappen - Formula One

"Red Bull Racing seemed to have improved across the board for the three races we have seen so far, and their driver Max Verstappen seems to be driving at a level that is way higher than we have seen before. It seems that the first three races have been reminiscent of a heavyweight bout, where every time Hamilton strikes, it seemed like Verstappen has countered with a strike of his own. This will be by far the best championship hunt in motor sports." Collin Best - IndyCar

#3: Denny Hamlin - NASCAR

"Denny Hamlin may have just had his worst two weeks of the season (though I’m sure plenty of drivers would be thrilled to call a 12th place finish at Kansas their worst), but he’s still at the top of the NASCAR Cup Series food chain. His average finish is a series-best 7.45, just over 2 positions higher than 2nd place, he has an 87-point lead over the only driver who has scored 2 wins, and has spent the majority of the first 11 races running in the top 10 of the field. The consistency is there, the wins will come." Adam Carabine - Statchat

#4: Scott Dixon - IndyCar

"Scott Dixon has proved that there will be no championship hangover from 2020. Currently, the NTT IndyCar Series points leader with the best average finish so far with a 3.3, a full three positions higher than the next driver. With a win at Texas and a podium at Barber. Will the six-time champion add another Astor Cup to his name? Only time will tell." Collin Best - IndyCar

#5: Colton Herta - IndyCar

"In two of the four races so far this year. He was caught up in the lap one wreck and a wheel bearing failure at Texas that don't tell the whole picture of his season so far. He dominated St. Petersburg and had strong showings at Texas. The results will come as he inches closer to a championship battle between him, Dixon, Newgarden, and O'Ward." Collin Best - IndyCar

#6: Martin Truex Jr - NASCAR

"Truex’s highs in the 2021 season have been wins at arguably the two most important tracks on the schedule, Martinsville and Phoenix. Make no mistake about it though he’s had top 10s in 6 of the first 11 races, and has generally run better than his finishing position. Truex’s consistency and reliability behind the wheel is his best attribute." Zachery Bell - Dipstick Debates

#7: Joesf Newgarden - IndyCar

"Outside of Barber to open up the season, it would be fair to say that Newgarden has bounced back from his lap one debacle. Newgarden is the fastest car right now in the Penske camp and wins are coming for him. IndyCar's shining star is currently the third best driver in the paddock right now, with not a lot of space separating themselves from each other." Collin Best - IndyCar

#8: Patrico O'Ward - Indy Car

"Coming of a win in Texas, you would think he would be higher up on this list. We know he's fast. We know he has the talent, but unfortunately the Arrow Mclaren SP team misses on strategy too much for him to be ranked higher." Collin Best - IndyCar

#9: Valterri Bottas - Formula One

"It is to be said that Bottas is in the second best car in terms of equipment at Mercedes-AMG, but Bottas hasn't lived up to expectations. From the outside, it feels like anyone who is in the seat of that car is overshadowed by Hamilton. Wins may come this year, but the entire F1 grid is getting closer in terms of speed. Until he gets consistent podium finishes, he will be ranked towards the bottom." Collin Best - IndyCar

#10: Lando Norris - Formula One

"Lando has shown massive improvement from last year to this year by having consistent speed early on. With Mclaren becoming one of the top teams in F1, Lando will be competing for wins at some point this year. He will either have to hit the setup right or Hamilton and Verstappen have a bad race." Collin Best - IndyCar


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