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NASCAR Drivers In The Indianapolis 500

With the Indianapolis 500 this weekend it got the NASCAR fan in me thinking. Which NASCAR drivers would I like to see in the Indy 500. The quick answer is all of them, but I made a list of my top 5 picks and an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention- Joey Logano... Joey Logano makes this list for three reasons. The first being his thrilling driving style, and aggressive nature. Logano for better or for worse is a true star of the show type of driver and NASCAR fans would watch that. The second reason is the fans perception of Logano. There’s only a few people who are truly in the middle with their opinions of Logano his polarizing nature would be a massive draw. The third reason is the likeliness he could run it although not much if any has been reported on Logano’s interest driving for Roger Penske who owns one of the most historic teams in Indycar, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the Indycar Series Joey could easily find a competitive ride. 5th- Alex Bowman- This one might be a bit of an odd choice, but Alex Bowman’s dirt background makes him an intriguing driver. The modern Indycar has a lot of horsepower, and are significantly harder to drive. Bowman’s dirt background makes him an intriguing choice. Bowman after replacing NASCAR’s most popular driver ever in Dale Jr., and most successful this century in Jimmie Johnson running this race would launch him into a stardom of his own. 4th- Tyler Reddick- A lot of the reasons why Tyler Reddick made this list are similar to that of Alex Bowman, but there’s one thing that sets Reddick apart from Bowman, and that’s his driving style. Tyler Reddick pushes his car harder than anybody else in the Cup Series. If there’s a high line to run he’s in it, if there’s a way to push the car harder he’d do it. 3rd- Chase Elliott- The reigning Cup Series champion and sports most popular driver gets in on name alone. Just seeing a NASCAR driver with that much popularity in the race would be huge for both sports. Chase’s recent attempts to run the Rolex 24, and Chili Bowl Nationals shows his willingness to broaden his racing experience who’s to say Indycar isn’t next on his list. 2nd- Kyle Larson- A man who can truly drive anything. We’ve seen Kyle Larson conquer sprint cars, late models, and in stock cars. Whose to say Larson wouldn’t dominate the Indianapolis 500. A wheel man through and through Larson would be a big sell to WOO fans, NASCAR fans, and anybody who appreciates Motorsport talents. 1st- Kyle Busch- Rowdy is first on this list because he is one of if not the most talented driver in the sport. Rowdy has been rumored to of wanted to run this race for several years now. His brother Kurt Busch did the famous double in 2014, and Kurt had a top 10 in the Indianapolis 500. I truly think Kyle Busch has the raw talent and highest likelihood of any driver to both run in the race, and win it.

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