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National Video Game Day - Our Top 5 Favorite NASCAR Video Games

From the arcade to the cell phone, video games have taken the world by storm. The arcade and simulation racing genre has grown just as large as others. Many of the drivers in the motorsports community have played console and pc-based racing sims for the last two decades. Our team has as well. Below is a list of our Top-5 Favorite NASCAR Video Games.

5. NASCAR Thunder 2004

EA Sports' Thunder Gaming Engine introduced in 2002 was the the first major gaming experience to include full fields of Cup Series drivers and a full racing schedule. Their inclusion of multiple driving paint schemes with each driver made the game even more realistic to the passionate NASCAR fans.

The 2004 installment featured then 1x Winston Cup Series Champion Tony Stewart on the cover and was known for the in-depth career mode that it offered. In career mode, the player would invest money into R+D, employees, sign sponsors and even work on property development.

The game allowed players to participate in a 20 year career in hopes of winning the Cup Series Championship and included online play for Playstation, Xbox, and PC users.

4. NASCAR 2000