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Pre-order Bonuses and Features announced for NASCAR 21: Ignition

NASCAR 21: Ignition's announcement was a long-awaited day for fans of NASCAR gaming. The first bits of information have been given about what features will be included in the new installment of NASCAR games. Previously, Motorsport Games announced that the game will include a paint booth. However, many more features and bonuses have been revealed along with the announcement trailer. Here's a rundown of all the notable features and updates to NASCAR 21:

Cup Series Only

NASCAR 21: Ignition is taking a step back in terms of the amount of series they showcase. George Holmquist of Motorsport Games stated that the decision to only include the Cup series was so that the team could focus on making the game "... as close to perfect as it can be." While the lack of feeder series might mean a temporary rebound for features such as career mode, Motorsport Games is taking the necessary steps to make the foundation of this series as strong as it can be. This next era of gaming for NASCAR is something that fans and developers alike want to be great, and that starts at the core.

Updated Physics

While Motorsport Games has not revealed what the gameplay will look like from a player's perspective, the announcement trailer did showcase the game in action. Early indications show a much-improved physics model from previous installments. The trailer showcased multiple tracks with the new game engine. The cars appeared to have smoother movements on the track. Wrecks and collisions have a more realistic look. The physics of a game are the foundation of it. Luckily, it looks like fans will have a fun experience with the physics on Ignition.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Every game has its fair share of bonuses that players can earn by pre-ordering it. NASCAR 21: Ignition has two different versions that players can pre-order. For pre-ordering the standard edition, players will get the game on October 26, two days before the game releases to the public. However, Motorsport Games has also announced the "Champions Edition" for NASCAR 21. Those who pre-order this edition will get 1988 NASCAR Cup champion, Bill Elliott, as a playable character. In addition, players will get the season pass and three more legends to use in later DLC packs.

These announcements are just the beginning for NASCAR 21: Ignition. The future looks bright for NASCAR games. Hopefully, even more information about Ignition will be revealed in the coming weeks. Pre-orders begin tomorrow and players will be able to purchase the game October 28th.


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