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The Crew: Netflix's new sitcom and what could it mean for the impact of NASCAR?

(Freddie Stroma as Jake Martin and Kevin James as Kevin Gibson)

If Days of Thunder and Talladega Nights had a love child, this Netflix sitcom The Crew makes light of the life a NASCAR race team goes through through an entire season.

There is currently only a single season on the streaming site which includes 10 episodes. The premiere season covers different topics within the sport and clever jokes that poke fun at different characters, most prominently lead characters Jake, Kevin and Amir. The show includes cameos from current NASCAR stars Ryan Blaney, Austin Dillon and sophomore Cole Custer. Plenty of pleasant banter between drivers and team members. While the storylines are fictional, the series is a reflection of the current culture in the NASCAR garage throughout a racing weekend.

When considering the hardcore fans of the sport, this really was not the type of Netflix series they were hoping for as opposed to Formula 1's Drive To Survive. That being said, it shows the business themes of a race team. The show comedically details how race teams are operated from a business standpoint and what drivers go through in reality with their work outs and training regiments while fulfilling sponsorship obligations.

What does this sitcom mean for NASCAR?

The show is generally a funny Netflix series with good jokes. The Crew isn't just for NASCAR fans or racing fans in general. I think this show will bring a lot of attention to NASCAR itself and hopefully potential fans that are not exposed to NASCAR worldwide. The Crew on Netflix will likely bring more international interest to stock car racing.

Written by: Matt Marr


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