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Top 10 Tweets Of The Week


As the rest of the motorsports world looks forward on Monday, I like to look back on what stood out on Twitter. Here are your top 10 tweets of the week for March 20th through March 27th.

10. Given Tide's iconic history in NASCAR, seeing them back with Petty GMS for a second consecutive Bristol dirt race is cool to see. That Gain car doesn't look too shabby either!

9. We will have to see how the appeal process (Not AJ) plays out... but for now at least, Brad is off to a less than ideal start with his new team.

8. Did you set it to Wumbo?

7. I. Need. It.

6. Talk about intense. Speed is alive and well in F1. Drive it like you stole it.

5. With these gas prices, you may be better off.

4. This new era is just getting started, and we're on the ground floor of something special.

3. How cool was it to see the soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer lead the field to green? Hopefully, we see The Deadman at the track again in the future.

2. Okay, that'll do it for the Spongebob references for this week.

1. I guess everyone will have to look in the mirror and decide what they can live with. Something about a Sunday that brings out aggression.

There's your top 10 Tweets of the week. Be sure to check back here next Monday as we review all the Twitter chaos of this week!

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