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Top 10 Tweets Of The Week


Each week as the motorsports world looks forward to the next race, I like to take a look back and see what stood out on Twitter. Here are your top ten tweets from March 27th through April 3rd!

10. This pretty much sums it up for some. While the novelty of the throwback weekend has worn off for some I still love it. It remains my favorite weekend of the year, followed closely by the Southern 500 in September.

9. Love it or hate it Ross Chastain's aggressive style is getting noticed in NASCAR. Not all that long ago Chastain's style would be giving him issues in the garage. As Bob Dylan once said, "The times, they are a-changin'"

8. NASCAR's unwritten rules seem to be in a state of transition. It's a topic that has to be discussed. Good on Denny and Nate for doing so. No doubt who is involved plays a role.

7. I know the Gen-6 cars/package was far from everyone's cup of tea in recent years but the nostalgic part of me is saddened by seeing these cars just sit here and slowly waste away. I'd assume some of Chip's winners are in there.

6. It's great to see NASCAR becoming more and more diverse. keep your eye on this young man.

5. You can't overstate how big this is for F1! There isn't a better way to get more American fans to check out the product. Viva!

4. Denny got one for old(ish) guys on Sunday! Can the few remaining grizzled vets fend off the youthful surge in winners ?

3. Ryan Newman made a quiet return to NASCAR taking part in Virginia Is for Racing Lovers 150 on Friday. He certainly seems interested in continuing his career in any fashion he can. Time will tell if he'll be back in NASCAR's Modified Series or any other level in NASCAR.

2. The hometown hero is one of the most unique things about SRX. Looking forward to seeing the series return this summer.

1. What should the future of races at Richmond be has been the subject of some debate after Sunday's race. There's a second stop at Richmond in August, also a day race. I've always loved night races so it's taking some getting used to. I hope to see Richmond on the circuit for years to come, day or night.

That'll do it for your top 10 tweets of the week. Keep getting your motorsports news refreshed daily all week long!


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