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Top 10 Tweets Of The Week


Each week as the motorsports world begins to look forward to the next weekend's races I like to look back and see what took place on Twitter. Here are your top 10 tweets of the week for April 3rd through April 10th! 10. In recent weeks much has been made about whether NASCAR should bring back the old school victory lane interviews as opposed to the interviews at the start-finish line of recent memory. Personally, I prefer the victory lane celebrations.

9. Not good news for RFK racing. Talk about having to dig out of a hole.

8. Major props to Jimmie Johnson for giving it a go this week with a broken hand. There's no questioning his drive and commitment. Hopefully, he'll be close to 100% for the Indy 500 in May.

7. As entertaining as a Friday night fight can be, it's never good when drivers brawl with each other. Teams work too hard and sponsors pay too much money for anyone to truly support this kind of thing.

6. I would be surprised if nothing is done here. The circumstances felt a little different than your usual boys have at it moment.

5. Who doesn't love Waffle Day?

4. I don't know what the future of the Bristol Dirt Race is but when two people of that stature take issue with it, it's at least worth noting.

3. I understand this. I love Saturday races, but my entire Sunday feels off when it happens. Sunday is race day.

2. Guess who's back? Back again, DW's back, tell a friend!

1. Richmond was tough on Kurt Busch as you can tell. He had a great bounce-back day at the paperclip though.

That'll do for your Top 10 Tweets of the week. Keep refreshing our website daily to stay up to date with all your Motorsports news.


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