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Top 10 Tweets Of The Week


Each week as the motorsports world starts looking forward to the next race. I like to take a look back and see what went down on Twitter. With that, let's take a look at your Top Ten Tweets of the week for April 10th through April 17th.

10. Larry Mac getting back atop the box in 2022? Retirements in racing are a lot like retirements in pro wrestling, you just never say never.

9. Could arguably the greatest to ever do it be strapping in one more time for Le Mans? The odds sound increasingly likely.

8. Holy Nostalgia Batman! Could we see it return to the NASCAR schedule in the future?

7. With the length of sporting events becoming a hot topic in recent years, this thread on the length of NASCAR races is well worth a read.

6. SRX season 2 is getting closer by the day! Shout out to their social media team for some top-notch content.

5. This was a bad look for the sport in my opinion. The scoring seemed overly complicated. But, we're all learning during these dirt races.

4. Harvick isn't happy. There's been a lot of discussion about whether the dirt race should continue, sounds like you can count Harvick in the cut the cord camp.

3. He won that Mama Jama.

2. They weren't thrilled. Perhaps they were ready to look out for some haymakers? Glad it went the complete opposite.

1. First DW and now Dale Jr?! The crossover we have all wanted to see is going to happen. Bowyer and Dale should be a hoot, and who knows Talladega better than Dale Jr? Very few, if any! Props to Fox and NBC for making this happen.

That'll do it for your top ten tweets of the week! Be sure to refresh our site daily for all your motorsports news and notes!


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