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Top Ten Tweets Of the Week

Each week here at Racing Refresh we look back on the Top Tweets from the world of NASCAR. Let's get start started! 10.

I think that's a good sign for the sport. Hopefully, ratings continue to rise! 9.

The Legend of Bob Pockrass continues to grow. 8.

Talk about close!! That is trust. 7.

I don't know how much longer Mike Joy plans to continue his storied career. However, I do know that he is a national treasure. 6.

You talk about impressive. Harvick's run out in the desert is one of the many reasons he's Hall Of Fame bound. 5.

This weekend at Bristol will have a sort of old-school feel. On another note, how cool is NASCAR Classics? I'm still hoping for a genuine NASCAR streaming service one day. 4.

It's above my pay grade to know what NASCAR needs to do to fix short tracks. But if Sunday was any indication then there is still much work to be done. 3.

FACTS! 50 minutes every single week! 2.

This sport can humble you in a hurry. 1.

Joey Logano is off to a historically rough start. The old saying if he didn't have bad luck he'd have no luck at all comes to mind.


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