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Top Ten Tweets of The Week

Each week here on Racing Refresh we take a look back to the week that was in racing on X. Let's get started! 10.

While the jury could still be out on MJ as a team owner long-term, his investment in the sport is a wonderful thing when it comes to getting mainstream attention. 9.

It wasn't the 500. But, an awesome must-see shot nonetheless. 8.

Seriously, what is happening with these? 7.

Could we see an updated version for Kyle Larson? 6.

Big league answer. 5.

The fact that Ford hasn't won yet is baffling. Dega has been their playground for a long time. Ford can't be happy. 4.

Say what you will about Matty D but, he's impressed in his Xfinity return. 3.

Humanitarian. 2.

This puts into perspective just how tough a challenge SVG is facing. 1.

I'm not going to begin to speculate on what this could mean if this change take place. We're going to have to keep our eye on this.


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