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  • Racing Refresh Tech Tuesday: NASCAR Next-Gen Aerodynamics

    (Mercedes F1 Team, you reading this) .

  • Leclerc fights back: Formula One Race Review

    In a very welcome sight to see, both cars that make up the Haas F1 Team made their way up to fourth and The team who surprised everyone is Haas F1.

  • Formula One Race Preview: Austrian Grand Prix

    Haas F1 looks to gain speed in the mid-field battle, Ferrari looks to get back on track with solid strategy One team that has surprised this weekend so far is the Haas F1 team who had both drivers advance to the

  • Formula One Race Preview: British Grand Prix

    (image via @F1) When it comes to Formula One racing, there is no better place than Silverstone for the 65 Points Alpine: 57 Points Alfa Romeo: 51 Points AlphaTauri: 27 Points Aston Martin: 16 Points Haas F1

  • F1 2022 delivers....until it doesn't: Racing Refresh Game Review

    Codemasters now fresh off the press, Racing Refresh gives our review on the latest edition of the series; F1 With the good out of the way, the bad is the introduction of the new "F1 Life" mode which seems like While F1 2022 is a step in the right direction for the series as it is the best game on the market right With that being said, F1 2022 leaves me wanting more at the end of they day without a story mode and With that I give F1 2022 a 3.75 out of five.

  • Racing Refresh Tech Tuesday: MGU-Kinetic and MGU-Heat

    (image via Renault F1) Since the onset of the hybrid era in Formula One, the series has become one of

  • Racing Refresh Tech Tuesday: INDYCAR Push-to-Pass

    Unlike the MGU-H in F1 (which we will talk about in next Tuesday's article), IndyCar does not have that

  • Formula One Race Preview: Canadian Grand Prix

    (Photo Credit: @F1 on Twitter) After two long years, Formula One fans in Canada can rejoice as racing

  • Verstappen claims redemption in Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

    Consistency in F1 as being the only driver to finish inside the Top Five in all of his starts this season

  • Kimi Raikkonen to Make NASCAR Cup Debut with PROJECT91

    The native of Espoo, Finland won 21 races and stood on 103 podiums in his F1 career. His Formula One highlight came in 2007 when he won the F1 World Driving title for Scuderia Ferrari.

  • Collin Best, Racing Refresh Veteran Writer Recognized as 'Senior Open-Wheel Writer'

    Longtime Racing Refresh writer and contributor Collin Best has worked diligently to provide Racing Refresh readers and content consumers with his stories via a true and classic journalism technique. He answers the 'Who? What? Where?' in his articles. His creative content evolved in 2021 when his focus became a combination of video gaming and open-wheel racing news and analysis. Ode to one of his motorsports heroes, he was as inspired as he was hurt when longtime analyst Robin Miller passed away in 2021. Robin's spirit influenced many of the team at Racing Refresh, and many other fans around the world. In his final years he was known at Racer Magazine as 'Senior Open-Wheel Writer'. To more properly identify and recognize Collin's work, while paying tribute to Robin Miller, it was decided in March that Collin would become the Senior Open-Wheel Writer at Racing Refresh moving forward. AJ Appeal, editor of Racing Refresh had the following to say regarding the decision. "Collin's work took a while to calibrate on our team. We've moved him around from one series to another, video games, podcast, writing, and behind the scenes have all been key factors to his growth here at RR. In recent months, we have allowed him to grow independently and he accomplished a successful transition to covering open-wheel racing, a sometimes niche genre of motorsport in the United States, but one that should never be forgotten. Prior to Racing Refresh's media approval, we piggy-backed off of Collin's IndyCar press credentials, and he has succeeded through each speedbump that has occurred as Racing Refresh has grown. We are genuinely appreciative of his effort and thrilled to see him continue his journey with us." Collin shared his thoughts upon learning he would be named Senior Open-Wheel Writer. "First, I would like to thank the entire Racing Refresh family for this opportunity. My passion for open-wheel racing has been around for as long as I can remember. Watching the best drivers in the world test the limits of man and machine at some of the most iconic racing circuits around the world. In America, the interests of these series are growing at an exponential rate while fans don't have many places to find information about them. I'm glad Racing Refresh is going to be one of the few who give quality content for fans around the world and I'm forever grateful that I will be the one entrusted to do so." You can find all of Collin's content on RacingRefresh.com, or on Facebook LIVE, where he competes on iRacing in his 'Road to Class A' story.

  • Formula One Race Preview: Australian Grand Prix

    Driver Lineup: Four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel is returning to Aston Martin Racing after a bout I predict Verstappen picks up his second win of the season and Kevin Magnussen from Haas F1 gets a podium

  • Top 10 Tweets Of The Week

    You can't overstate how big this is for F1!

  • Four takeaways from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

    (F1 on Twitter) After another exciting race of the 2022 Formula One World Championship as Max Verstappen Teams such as Alfa Romeo and Haas F1 are both powered by Ferrari powerplants. Bottas due to a DNF at Jeddah aside, the only driver in the stable to finish outside the points is Haas F1 His counterpart Daniel Riccardo brought the "shoey" to F1 by scoring an impressive win at the Italian

  • Top 10 Tweets Of The Week

    Speed is alive and well in F1. Drive it like you stole it. 5.