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Bill Lester to Return to Racing Refresh

Our first guest ever returns to Racing Refresh!

Bill Lester returns to promote his newest project, 'Winning In Reverse'.

From publisher Pegasus Books : "As America continues to grapple with racismin the world of sports and beyond, Bill Lester, a Black pioneer in NASCAR racing, offers us new insight into his personal journey with Winning in Reverse: Defying Odds and Achieving Dreams–The Bill Lester Story.

NASCAR has traditionally been a southern, white man’s sport, but it was knocked off its axis

when Bill Lester entered the playing field. Bill did not grow up in the sport as so many other drivers have. He enjoyed racing as a side hobby while he worked as an engineer at Hewlett Packard until, at the age of 40, standing on the brink of peril or promise, he quit his job to pursue racing full time. Blessed with a

natural talent, Bill still had a trifecta of odds against him: he was Black, he was middle aged, and he was not a southerner. Bill was certainly not the quintessential “good old boy” that NASCAR was used to seeing, and many fans did not hide their contempt. In Winning in Reverse, Bill Lester describes how he was able to rise above it all as his rankings rose, too and make history time and again, becoming the first African American to race in NASCAR’s Busch Series, the first to participate in the Nextel Cup, and the first to win a Pole Position start in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Ever the optimist, Bill’s voice provides new inspiration and guidance about how to overcome adversity."

Winning in Reverse hits shelves in February 2021. Catch Bill this Thursday night on Racing Refresh! Our team will catch up with Lester on trending motorsports topics and discuss the book in greater detail. Plus, we will be giving away copies of the book and offering a full book review here on the site soon.

See you there!


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