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F1 2022 delivers....until it doesn't: Racing Refresh Game Review

(image via @FormulaOneGame)

With Formula One gaining new heights with it's Drive to Survive series on Netflix and a growing following here in the United States which is certainly given the series popularity it hasn't seen in decades. With the new Formula One videogame by Codemasters now fresh off the press, Racing Refresh gives our review on the latest edition of the series; F1 2022..

EA Sports has full control over the Formula One world in terms of it's video game series. For most fans, it as seen as a negative and while the bad does show through the cracks its almost nothing to write home about. Visually speaking it is one of the most beautiful iterations of the series to date. The car models look absolutely stunning and some times to the passing eye it can seem to blur the line of virtual and real action on the track. The physics model has been updated to accommodate the new car and at times can be a handful to control at times.

The car seems more loose coming out of turns with snap-oversteer. Curbs you would have taken so aggressively in previous iterations of the series are now no-go zones due to the fact of the aerodynamic structure of the car will high point the car sending it into a series of quick corrections to maintain control.

Going into a race, players now have the option for more manual control on race-start and on pit road. Gone are the days of completing a formation lap and letting the computer drive you to your starting spot on the grid. Now you can manually position your car in the box and wait for those lights to go out and away you will go. This also applies to pit lane where you can control turning into the box and nailing a purple gate which will give you the best pit stop time possible.

Tracks have been visually updated to match their real world counterparts and Australia has been updated to match its reconfiguration. Miami has been added to the series and is one of the tracks I had the most pleasure of completing laps around in the series for some time now.

Also being introduced into the series is the ability to drive supercars in a new mode. Players can drive the McLaren Artura, Ferrari Roma, Mercedes AMG, and Aston Martin DB11 V12 for a brand new experience that gives you the ability to virtually try the Pirelli Hot Laps like in real life. Each car has its' own handling experience that sets them apart from one another to give a very nice Forza Motorsport vibe and can be a nice change of pace away from serious on-track competition.

With the good out of the way, the bad is the introduction of the new "F1 Life" mode which seems like a way for player to collect cars and clothes. You get a virtual penthouse to live the lifestyle of a Formula One driver. In my opinion, I would have loved the return of "Braking Point" which was a very nice addition to the series in F1 2021 and added more depth to a game that is in dire need of an overhaul.

While F1 2022 is a step in the right direction for the series as it is the best game on the market right now outside of iRacing that gives fans that itch to go wheel-to-wheel in some heart-pounding, white-knuckle racing. With that being said, F1 2022 leaves me wanting more at the end of they day without a story mode and with the same features that have been in the last five iterations of the series makes it feel stale at times. With that I give F1 2022 a 3.75 out of five.


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