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NASCAR NXT Updates (Potential Release, Game Engine, Etc.)

Motorsport Games recently released their Q1 2021 earnings, and with it some more information leading to the release of the rebranded NASCAR game franchise. Motley Fool Transcribing released the transcripts of the Q1 earnings. NASCAR Youtuber, RealRadman, highlighted some of these findings on his channel.

Dmitry Kozko, CEO of Motorsport Games, commented on the future of NASCAR games. One of the goals Kozko stated the team has for the NASCAR franchise is the desire to have it reach triple-A status. The NASCAR Heat franchise was considered an indie game franchise due to the smaller size of the teams working on it. Motorsport Games currently employs over 120 individuals, as highlighted by Mr. Kozko.

Kozko also supported a previously released bit of information. Kozko said the NASCAR NXT game project should be released in Q3, between July and September. Stephen Hood, President of Motorsport Games, expanded on this saying the game should be released in the back half of Q3 2021. This would lead fans to speculate a late August to early September timeline for the next game. Hood did say that the development of the game is in the closing stages and the game is entering the beta phase. Hopefully this will be good as the team will have roughly three months to test and polish the game.

Finally, Hood mentioned a custom game engine that will be used for future NASCAR games. The extent of the "custom" build is unknown, but this shows the level of effort Motorsport games is putting into the new game. Hood stated that the team has worked extremely hard to make the game "as engrossing and experienced as possible".

All of this information is exciting for fans of the NASCAR game franchise. Both Kozko and Hood mentioned other projects such as mobile games and KartKraft. The future for NASCAR games is potentially brighter than it has been in a while. The franchise has a devoted team around it and the effort is clearly being put into making great games. Hopefully, the next NASCAR game will be a breath of fresh air for fans.


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