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REVIEW: NHRA 'Speed for All' Video Game

by AJ Appeal

The Racing Refresh brand is primarily focused on two themes, diversity and entertainment. When the opportunity to cover video gaming is provided to our team, we are quick to jump on the experience. Through the summer of 2022, NHRA Drag Racing has grown into the second most-read form of motorsports at Racing Refresh. Their new game from GameMill Entertainment debuted today on August 26th.

I had the opportunity to test drive an early release and wasn't as satisfied as I had hoped. That being said, I'd still encourage you to give it a whirl. My review below includes what I felt were the highs and lows of various elements I look for in a national motorsports video game.


First things, first. The new title and license is one that we've been waiting for well over a decade. You may have seen some reviews from frustrated fans or social influencers who were immediately discouraged that leading automotive manufacturers are missing from this premiere. I can indeed confirm that the racing horsepower brands we are used to seeing in traffic at a red light, or going 330 mph on the green Sundays on Fox are not included.

While it isn't my preferred aesthetic for race cars to have fictional body lines on their cars, previous top-shelf racing titles have absolutely experienced similar challenges getting proper outfits on the cars. I'm not sure if this was a licensing issue, or a deadline scenario that wasn't met, but this along with other pros and cons in the game will be discussed with the game's producers in an exclusive interview next week from the US Nationals in Indianapolis.

The vehicles still resemble the real ones in the sportsman classes as you can see in the below image taken from career mode. It is inherently obvious that they're shooting for a Dodge Challenger on the front end of this Lucas Oil semi-pro racer.

Additionally, they went right for the fame and fortune when it came to feeling like you're racing against the best of the best. The biggest names such as Force and Capps, and the best venues including Auto Club, Bristol, and Summit Motorsports Park are all included in the release. The trophy stands tall, a proud standing 'Wally' is in the game for weekend winners, and countless proper sponsors such as competing oil vendors, Goodyear Tires, and multiple automotive part suppliers all make their way into the feature.

I've learned through the years that licensing is one of the most challenging pieces of the puzzle for a video game, and even more complex if it is an independent or smaller budget studio making the project. They did a nice job on this, if future releases should come...they know by now that car makes need added, but they went the right way including so many other fun elements.