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Tom Willoughby : "What's wrong with Kyle Busch?" A look at Busch's 2020 slump and what we can expect

Few topics in the NASCAR world were more talked about than Kyle Busch’s winless streak and his decline in performance in 2020. After winning his 2nd championship in 2019, expectations were high in 2020, but Busch suffered through a disappointing season, going winless until the 34th race of the season when he visited victory lane at Texas in October for his lone win in 2020.

Opinions varied as to why victories eluded Busch in 2020, and the Kyle Busch haters had a ball throwing out theories on why he wasn’t winning. Busch turned 35 during the 2020 season, and one popular opinion is that Father Time was beginning to catch up with Busch. Another opinion is that the lack of practice time was hurting Busch’s performance. Possibly the most absurd opinion was that the overall decline at Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) exposed Busch as a mediocre driver that could only win when he was in superior equipment – don’t laugh, I actually read that one more than once!

The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with Kyle Busch. Kyle Busch is an immensely talented driver, and he didn’t wake up one day and just forget how to drive. As much as people might want to envision Kyle walking into Joe Gibbs office and asking him “which one of these pedals is the gas and which one is the brake”, it simply didn’t happen. So, let’s take a deeper dive into the 2020 version of Kyle Busch..

Slumps are not that uncommon, and Kyle Busch’s 2020 season could best be described as a slump. They aren’t uncommon among NASCAR drivers, even among Hall of Fame caliber drivers. Kevin Harvick, who is still going strong in his mid-forties, suffered through a similar slump. In 2012, Harvick only won one race. Eight years later, Harvick is still going strong! Admittedly, Harvick was driving for Richard Childress Racing(RCR) at t