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Toyota Racing - NCS Post-Qualifying Report

Press Release | TOYOTA RACING

DAYTONA BEACH (February 15, 2023) –Single car time trials have been completed and the starting grids for tomorrow’s Duel races have been set. The time trial results for the Toyota Camry TRDs at Daytona International Speedway are below. Travis Pastrana has locked into the Daytona 500 field as the second fastest ‘open’ car (Jimmie Johnson was the quickest). Pastrana is now guaranteed to make his first Daytona 500 start regardless of his Duel finish. Toyota Racing Post-Qualifying Report NASCAR Cup Series (NCS) Daytona International Speedway – February 15, 2023 TOYOTA STARTING POSITIONS

1st, Alex Bowman* 2nd, Kyle Larson* 3rd, William Bryon* 4th, Aric Almirola* 5th, Joey Logano* 11th, BUBBA WALLACE 19th, TY GIBBS 20th, TYLER REDDICK 21st, CHRISTOPHER BELL 22nd, MARTIN TRUEX JR 25th, TRAVIS PASTRANA 26th, DENNY HAMLIN *non-Toyota driver

TOYOTA QUOTES BUBBA WALLACE, No. 23 McDonalds Toyota Camry TRD, 23XI Racing Qualifying Position: 11th How did you feel about your qualifying lap? “My engineer said the sim showed us running a 50-flat and we did so I have to trust him. I know with our manufacturer build, we have a little more drag than others. My team did a great job with the adjustments to get the most speed that we could. I’m excited and I’m happy. And Travis (Pastrana) made the field. I can only imagine his nerves right now. Now he’s locked in so now how does he play it in the Duels because you don’t want to tear up the car. Or you can use the learning for practice on Friday, but we’re not supposed to run too many laps so I don’t know. But he’s locked in. Hats off to everybody at 23XI, we got all three of us in the show.” TRAVIS PASTRANA, No. 67 Black Rifle Coffee Toyota Camry TRD, 23XI Racing Qualifying Position: 25th What does it mean to qualify for the Daytona 500? “I just can’t say enough about this 23XI team. I mean everyone from Kurt Busch to Denny Hamlin to Bubba (Wallace) and Tyler (Reddick), they all just helped me get there. And this TRD motor and being able to get on the sim, that was everything. Can’t give them enough credit for this opportunity.” You were worried about your launch to take the lap, how did that go? “The launch was good. I shifted a little bit early on two and didn’t lift enough shifting to fifth so I had to double let go and I thought I just blew it. I look at Bubba’s (Wallace) time and the car definitely had a little bit more. This team helped me to get there and like Kurt (Busch) just told me, now it’s time to learn. We’ll go to work tomorrow and then we’re in the 500, so cool.” Will there be a party tonight? “We’ll party Sunday night. But this is a huge weight off my shoulders. I begged, bartered and did everything but stealing from everyone to be here. So many great people with Black Rifle Coffee and Dixon Flannels. I knew we could make it and I knew we could do it with this team. Michael (Jordan) wants to win and Denny (Hamlin) wants to win.”

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