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Trans Am Series Partners with MoTeC USA

Press Release | TRANS AM

CHARLOTTE (February 17, 2023) — The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli is pleased to announce a technical partnership with MoTeC USA, naming them the preferred ECU provider of the Big Machine Vodka SPIKED Coolers TA2 Series.

“We are happy that we have been able to quickly start this long-term partnership with MoTeC USA,” said Trans Am President, John Clagett. “The AEM TA2 ECU was reaching the end of its life cycle, and we needed to come up with a new solution. We were concerned about the impact this could have on our rapidly-growing TA2 class, because the number of new ECUs available was very limited, and we were also concerned about what it could mean in terms of extra expense for the teams. After meeting with MoTeC at the PRI Show, we realized that this process would be much easier than we feared, and we’re thrilled to have them on our side moving forward.”

All new TA2 car builds will require the category specified MoTeC M130 TA2 ECUs, while teams using older ECUs may continue to do so until their next replacement, at which time they will be required to utilize the MoTeC ECU. MoTeC’s M130 TA2 ECU will also improve Trans Am’s technical inspection process. Technical support will be available to both engine suppliers and the teams through the MoTeC USA staff and their preferred dealers that are involved with the series.

"We’re excited for the future with our partnership with MoTeC and believe this will be the best option available for our competitors,” says TA2 Technical Director, Ricky Brooks. “When a team changes over to the MoTeC ECU, they can still utilize the engine harness, which is a significant cost saving, and makes it simple to plug in the new ECU with an adapter from PRS. We have developed a MoTeC tune to have the identical power and torque of the current AEM ECU, so we are able to allow both ECUs to compete at the same time. Additionally, MoTeC USA will provide the series with their technical scrutineering software so that we can better verify that the ECU has not been tampered with."

MoTeC Pty Ltd, based in Australia and now owned by Bosch, is an engineering-driven company where all design work is done in-house for both hardware and software, with an uncompromised approach to quality and product functionality. From humble beginnings thirty-five years ago, MoTeC has evolved into an international force in aftermarket automotive electronics, attracting the support of many top teams in race and rally. Over those years, MoTeC has built a reputation for outstanding reliability, advanced technology and high-performance products that exceed expectations. Such growth has brought with it a diverse range of customers and a wide array of vehicles, encouraging the constant expansion of MoTeC product capabilities and support expertise.

“MoTeC USA is pleased to announce our partnership with the Big Machine Vodka SPIKED Coolers TA2 Series,” says David Gibson, Business Development Manager for MoTeC USA. “As a leader in the aftermarket electronics industry, MoTeC USA will offer competitors a reliable solution for their vehicles through the M1 Series of ECUs. The MoTeC M130 ECU will be used to maintain a level playing field for the TA2 competitors and allow the series to manage their scrutineering directly. The combination of an advanced security strategy and TA2-specific firmware makes the M1 ECU an ideal choice for categories with restrictions in place to achieve both performance parity and cost containment.”

The MoTeC USA TA2 system can be purchased by competitors through the Trans Am Dashboard. For cars built with the AEM ECU, converting to the MoTeC ECU will just require the purchase of a partial harness system through current harness supplier, Precision Race Services, Inc., which has a long-standing relationship with both MoTeC USA and Trans Am.

The 2023 Trans Am season kicks off at Sebring International Raceway on February 23-26.


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