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Book Preview - 'Winning in Reverse by Bill Lester'

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

This was the first major publication written by retired auto racer Bill Lester in regards to his racing career.

He's won many awards, some great races, and been recognized by his peers in his former field of work in computer engineering as well. When I found out that Bill was sharing a detailed exploration of his story, it was one that I wanted to read. Not as a member of NASCAR's independent media, but as a fan.

At 9 years of age I learned about former NASCAR winner Wendell Scott's career. It bothered me to hear the reasons why he was not always embraced. As we got older, my brother and I had many favorites, and Bill Lester was one of them. Truthfully. The fact that he was a black man in a white man's world created a major part of our support of him. His poise and calm demeanor ordered you to pay attention as well. He meant business, and we were fans.

We appreciated his proper grammar and larger vocabulary that was not always used by drivers in motorsports. We also loved his clean racing style that complimented international racing techniques that are sometimes forgotten about in stock car racing. I always dreamt that Bill would have an opportunity to grow and create a world class stat sheet that we could brag about to his haters. His numbers may not replicate those of Mario Andretti, but his story and adversity have not been met by many in the motorsports community.