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Motorsport Games June 2021 Investor Presentation Review

Motorsport Games recently presented to their investors for their June 2021 outlook. The company did not go into great detail about any new features coming into the next NASCAR video game installments, but they did provide some insight into where the company is at in its current state. The presentation went over the studios and licenses acquired by Motorsport Games, as well as what that meant for the future. After reviewing the presentation, here's what I found to be the key takeaways for NASCAR gaming fans: Multiple Games Coming The biggest takeaway is the projection of new NASCAR games coming soon. The first and foremost of these is the NASCAR NXT project. This project is looking at a target release around the back half of the third quarter of 2021. However, Motorsport Games did confirm second and third installments to the project set to be released in 2022 and 2023 respectively. Furthermore, the company is looking to release two NASCAR mobile games in 2021. Lastly, a NASCAR "Team" game is set to come to mobile devices in 2022 as well as one set to release for mobile and console in 2023. It is not yet certain what these additions will bring to NASCAR gaming but they show the company is busy with the sport. Plans for NASCAR NXT It is worth noting that NASCAR NXT may not be the title of the game installment, but rather a placeholder for what is to come. Motorsport Games has not yet confirmed an official title for the game. Nonetheless, there is a great deal of effort being put into making the game as successful as possible. Among the presentation, there was a slide devoted exclusively to the NASCAR NXT project. Motorsport Games has promised a new game engine giving the game improved physics and all-new AI. They have also promised players AAA graphics which is a major promise for the upcoming series. Finally, the team promised this would be the most "interactive and entertaining NASCAR experience that MSGM has ever built." NASCAR NXT is set to be the first installment of an entirely rebranded NASCAR game franchise. The game will have high hopes among the fanbase. Devotion to the Franchise A key theme amongst the presentation was devotion to all of the franchises that Motorsport Games have recently acquired. The studio has NASCAR licensing through 2030. This allows them time to consistently produce greater content for NASCAR. The team appears to be devoted to enhancing the game quality and content. A slide was devoted to the type of games they plan to produce. The slide showed their target games to be more realistic than Mario Kart but more casual than iRacing. It is refreshing to know that Motorsport Games has their target audience and they are committed to producing a consistent level of content. Overall, Motorsport Games reiterated their previous stance of loyalty to the progress of their franchises. This has been a consistent stance among the company since day one. Q3 2021 is slightly over a week away. We should be getting some new information coming soon about their current and future projects. As always, I am excited to learn more and experience what the future holds for NASCAR gaming.


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