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Motorsports Mockery #1: Celebrity Lookalikes In Racing

Editor's Note: "Prepare to be entertained more regularly on Racing Refresh. We pride ourselves in bringing you quality and vetted motorsports news and data weekly. You can still expect to enjoy all of the top notch racing news, but today we present a new recurring feature, 'Motorsports Mockery'. This original content from Racing Refresh will bring humour, ridicule, and satire to your feed for a much needed smile. Elements from pop-culture, the auto racing world, and even a politically charged joke may pop-up from time to time! We hope you enjoy.. We also recognize that most people don't consider it a joy to be compared in looks, this is only in fun and we admire all of the individuals that are involved in these satirical and sometimes ironic posts."


Celebrities range in fame and fortune in 2022. In many cases, the men and women that work in the auto racing world become celebs in their own right. Remember when Jeff Gordon hosted SNL? Dale Earnhardt Jr. has starred in movies, music videos, and worked with NBC to cover multiple sports on live television.

Let's say we were to make a biopic of the 2022 motorsports season. Who would you have as your lead actors in a male/female starring role? We aren't limiting thi