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Motorsports Mockery #1: Celebrity Lookalikes In Racing

Editor's Note: "Prepare to be entertained more regularly on Racing Refresh. We pride ourselves in bringing you quality and vetted motorsports news and data weekly. You can still expect to enjoy all of the top notch racing news, but today we present a new recurring feature, 'Motorsports Mockery'. This original content from Racing Refresh will bring humour, ridicule, and satire to your feed for a much needed smile. Elements from pop-culture, the auto racing world, and even a politically charged joke may pop-up from time to time! We hope you enjoy.. We also recognize that most people don't consider it a joy to be compared in looks, this is only in fun and we admire all of the individuals that are involved in these satirical and sometimes ironic posts."


Celebrities range in fame and fortune in 2022. In many cases, the men and women that work in the auto racing world become celebs in their own right. Remember when Jeff Gordon hosted SNL? Dale Earnhardt Jr. has starred in movies, music videos, and worked with NBC to cover multiple sports on live television.

Let's say we were to make a biopic of the 2022 motorsports season. Who would you have as your lead actors in a male/female starring role? We aren't limiting this to only playoff caliber driving pilots, either! Car owners, broadcasters, and spouses weren't off limits when making this week's list. Below are some of our most appreciated celebrity lookalikes.

Kyle Busch headlines hit the internet everywhere this summer when word surfaced that he and Joe Gibbs Racing had not yet locked down a new sponsor to fund his 2023 campaign behind the wheel of the #18 Toyota Camry. In recent weeks rumors have nearly confirmed that he will be driving for Richard Childress and Chevrolet soon. We found that actor and former United States Marine Rob Riggle both looked the part and has experience switching career paths on a short notice. In the live action motion picture, we can hear the voiceover man on the trailer saying something along the lines of 'RIGGLE IS ROWDY!'

Mario Andretti goes into history forever as one of the most decorated auto racers that ever lived. His legacy isn't only a history of past driving success, but he is a spokesman for different automotive products and he can be seen at the track each year. His 'Rain-Man' like tradition of remaining in the racing community as he approaches older age is admirable and it would take a skilled veteran entertainer to replicate his career on the silver screen. Fortunately, the man we have in mind happens to share some visual aesthetic. Dustin Hoffman and Mario Andretti are both octogenarians, their heights are only offset by about an inch, and Mario was once sponsored by K-Mart, the only place Raymond Babbitt ever purchased his underwear.

Matt Kaulig is a trusted and respected businessperson famed for his growth in the Cleveland, OH market. His Kaulig Brands and other investments continue to grow and his racing program under his and Chris Rice' leadership has put the team on the map as serious contenders in NASCAR's Cup and Xfinity Series. A movie told from the right perspective would easily make his rapid growth come off as the 'bad guy'. in the flick. Which mad millionaire would we compare him to? Evil genius Norman Osborn (aka, Green Goblin) was an innovative leader in the Spiderman universe played by Willem Dafoe. Dafoe's work in the movie was believable and he nearly defeated spiderman in the feature. With a sneaky smile and spiky youth in their grooming, I wouldn't want to be on either of their bad sides...

Will Power enters the paddock each week with a trademark smile and an energy that would require the likes of the Hollywood Elite to play him in a motion picture. What is wonderful about Will Power is that there is an actor that lives to the funny name. He does all of his own stunts and even played an auto racer in Days of Thunder. Tom Cruise certainly is a man that has 'will power' and a spirit that is could match what Power carries with him emotionally year by year.

Hailie Deegan manages a variety of skills in her daily routine. From her responsibilities with long-time partner Monster Energy, her social media and brand image, and her public appearances, she makes no secret that she has one goal at this stage in her career. That is to be a successful AUTO RACER. Actress Nina Dobrev from Canada provides those who follow her career with a similar pride and focus. She doesn't sing and dance and linger in a new medium of pop-culture and entertainment every six months. Instead, she has loyally followed her acting career wherever it takes her. These young ladies both are originally have lives that involve travelling all over, but in their truest of hearts California is home.

Scott Pruett has simply done it all. He holds records for his accomplishments in the 24 Hours of Daytona sportscar race, has competed in the INDYCAR and NASCAR schedules, and his vast talent of road course racing is matched by few. Add a personality and leadership presence that make him a social butterfly and people are attracted to him magnetically when at the track. Tom Bergeron is one of the most versatile entertainers and event hosts in North America. He's even worked with past racers such as Helio Castroneves and Michael Waltrip on Dancing With The Stars. He could definitely add acting to his resume, and would honor Pruett well.

Rick Allen's work on the television goes back decades. He's earned recognition and promoted his career over the years and is now most known for his time working lead for NBC NASCAR events on-air. His rise to success wasn't given to him, he's worked hard but was considered the 'kid' by some at a younger time in his career. Michael Fishman of Roseanne and The Conners fame was remembered by most fans as being young DJ, the silly boy that was always finding himself into new trouble. Now, at age 40, he's respected as the adult artist he has become by fans and his castmates alike.

Austin Cindric may have grown up in the racing community but he's a rookie and 'young gun', it's just that simple. What is funny, though, is that his youth may be hard to look past for many years. Ron Howard may have earned recognition as one of the most artistic and thorough filmmakers in the United States, but we all think of him as Opie Taylor at least once in a while. Their Daytonas and Oscars are accolades they can continue to share with their fans forever, though. True talents in both.

Sterling Marlin brings back memories of the 1990s for many fans. His continued success on large tracks such as Michigan, Daytona, and Talladega made him one of the most beloved drivers anywhere that horsepower was key. He managed the draft and enjoyed a tenured career. Despite some health issues, he still races dirt cars well into his 60's. Jeff Daniels also enjoyed fame in the 1990s with features like 'Speed' and 'Dumb and Dumber' making him a household name. At age 67, though, he has never given up his love for acting, and more recently also gone back to his roots by being a playwright and broadway performer.


There will be more Motorsports Mockery coming soon. It won't always be lookalikes, no....It may be funny charts or animations, a piece of total fiction, or something from our own internal 'Found Footage Festival'. Keep visiting Racing Refresh often for everything motorsports. See you soon!


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