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Racing Refresh Promotes Writer, Crystal Clay now Chief Motorsports Correspondent

Columbus, OH - Las Vegas, NV

Racing Refresh announced on Friday a new formality for their roving track writer, Crystal Clay. Known for her high energy and commitment to research and motorsports history, Crystal has been a member of the Racing Refresh group since December of 2020.

Racing Refresh's editor AJ Appeal had this to say about the recent announcement.

"Racing Refresh offers remote analysts the opportunity to tell their own story with the brand. Some people enjoy making content as a hobby, others are pursuing an interest in fine-tuning their skills. While all of our wonderful team members work hard, this recognition for Crystal is in conjunction with not only her hard work, but her interest in following the schedule. She has represented our site in Phoenix, Daytona, Las Vegas, and was even among the elite journalists this winter at LA's CLASH premiere. We take information she sends back to be fully vetted, and valuable to a potential reader.

While Racing Refresh strives to provide nothing less than superb content, we can now emphasize to our audience that with this new role , they should give the same trust to Ms. Clay's content that they offer to anyone that covers motorsports.''

Crystal, an individual who is usually long winded and outgoing offered a serious response that captured the quality of character she intends on applying both with Racing Refresh and as a fan.

"The question I ask almost daily is “how can I meaningfully contribute to the motorsports industry?” and I’m not always the first person to know the answer but, it has become clear to me that the best way to find out is to show up. My knowledge, intuition & skill have done the rest to pave the way. I feel honored & most of all grateful to be granted the opportunity to bring value to the industry with the trust of AJ, Adam, and the rest of the Racing Refresh team. I don’t know what the future holds for the publication or myself but, I believe in the shared vision of success and passion for what we do. Anything that we contribute starts with that foundation so it is with the utmost confidence that I accept the responsibilities of Chief Motorsport Correspondent."

Crystal has reported from both coasts, a Daytona 500, the LA Clash, and the NASCAR Cup Championship event. Racing Refresh is thrilled to support her moving forward.


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