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Redemption For Austin Prock, He Wins Big @ Pep Boys Nationals

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Top Fuel Countdown For The Championship contender Austin Prock celebrates with fans after a memorable win at Maple Grove Raceway on September 18th, 2022. Photo Source: NHRA

Reading, PA (September 18th, 2022)

There hasn't been a tremendous amount of people who are fortunate enough to refer to themselves as the winner of an NHRA National event. In 2019 at Seattle, Austin Prock claimed that title himself, NHRA Winner. Later that season, another accolade, the 2019 Rookie of The Year.

It's been three seasons since Prock won that day. He's been on a mission to remind people that he is, in fact, a winner in the NHRA Camping World Series. Unlike many other racers who may experience lengthy or even career defining losing streaks, Austin wasn't a driver who was responsible for his own loss. As a result of Covid-19's financial impact on our world's economy, Austin's sponsors Montana Brand and Rocky Mountain Twist were forced to suspend their relationship with motorsports until another time.