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Top Ten Tweets of The Week

Each week here at Racing Refresh we like to take a look back to the week that was on X in the racing world. Let's get started! 10.

How cool is this! The legend of Mike Joy continues to grow. 9.

It is Talladega week, and that means you're going to see some new things! 8.

Is this thing on???? Yikes... 7.

I see no lies here. They should make a 2024 version. Chase Elliott belting out some Luke Combs would be fire. 6.

Texas is back! They might need to add that 2nd date back on the schedule. 5.

Many people don't realize Ritchie Petty has four Cup Series starts to his credit. 4.

Our hearts are with the Labonte family during this incredibly difficult time. 3.

What a finish! This one will live forever. 2.

You can be closer?!? My goodness. 1.

It's been 42 races since the si-reen last rang. I'm sure it was a party at the pool room!


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