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Top Ten Tweets Of The Week(After Gateway)

Each week at Racing Refresh we like to look back on the week that was in motorsports on X. Let's get started! 10.

Fox's coverage of NASCAR has come under fire in recent years, however, Mike Joy is a national treasure. To have him yet again in 2025 will be a privilege.


How much longer the seemingly ageless John Force has behind the wheel is an open question, but the fact that he's still getting it done at 75 is nothing short of incredible!


The candor from John is always refreshing. However long he as has left, we should all be sure to enjoy it. 7.

Are we sure this isn't a punishment for Murr? Imagine these guys having to take part in a race... 6.

How's this for a fun fact? Will the No. 24 someday be at the top? 5.

Brad showing big time class. 4.

I'll be very curious to see if Cindric can sustain the momentum through the summer months. Yes, he took advantage of misfortune on Sunday. But, he ran a great race. 3.

Leave. Your. Mark. 2.

What does passion look you may ask? This. This is passion and, the world needs more of it! 1.

As the classic song says, you've got a friend in me.


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