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BREAKING: Bruton Smith dead at 95

Bruton Smith was one of few people in the motorsports industry to have been a mainstay through various investors, automotive generations, economic circumstances. His never-say-no attitude allowed racing fans and teams alike to be able to enjoy the track through the use of innovation and entertainment.

His social home, Charlotte Motor Speedway was what he was best known for via his Speedway Motorsports brand, but his character should be remembered as an ornery-but-loving figure. A report from SMI earlier today quoted him in saying "“My parents taught us what work was all about, as I look back, that was a gift, even though I certainly didn’t think so at the time. A lot of people don’t have that gift because they didn’t grow up working. But if you are on a family farm, that’s what you do. Everything is hard work.” Since his adulthood, the gift was far more commonly FROM him, than to him.

Smith was also involved as executive chair of Sonic Automotive and Speedway Children's Charities. He was 95.


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