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Collin Best, Racing Refresh Veteran Writer Recognized as 'Senior Open-Wheel Writer'

Longtime Racing Refresh writer and contributor Collin Best has worked diligently to provide Racing Refresh readers and content consumers with his stories via a true and classic journalism technique. He answers the 'Who? What? Where?' in his articles. His creative content evolved in 2021 when his focus became a combination of video gaming and open-wheel racing news and analysis.

Ode to one of his motorsports heroes, he was as inspired as he was hurt when longtime analyst Robin Miller passed away in 2021. Robin's spirit influenced many of the team at Racing Refresh, and many other fans around the world. In his final years he was known at Racer Magazine as 'Senior Open-Wheel Writer'.

To more properly identify and recognize Collin's work, while paying tribute to Robin Miller, it was decided in March that Collin would become the Senior Open-Wheel Writer at Racing Refresh moving forward.