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GoFas Racing To Compete Part-Time in 2021 / Charter Sold to Matt Tifft and BJ McLeod

The GoFas Racing Team operated by Archie St. Hilaire has announced that they will be transitioning into a part-time effort beginning with the 2021 season. They have competed full-time for from 2014 to 2020 in NASCAR's premiere series.

Team Owner Hilaire provided this statement regarding the change.

"It has been a lot of fun over the years but with the evolution of life, your priorities change. With my son [and GM of Go Fas] Mason moving on to start his own business in a different industry and myself getting ready to spend time with my daughter having my first grandchild, I feel its time to reevaluate the next chapter of my life. It definitely has been great working with Ford and all of our great marketing partners over the last 10 years and we look forward to continuing with them on a smaller scale going forward.

I can’t say enough about how NASCAR has built and maintained their business model during the current pandemic and how exciting the schedule looks for 2021! We will keep 4-5 cars and anticipate running 5-6 races in 2021 at tracks we enjoy and make financial sense.

Joe Falk of Circle Sport will continue to own half of the charter we currently run and we will be transferring our ownership in our half of the charter at the end of the season to Joe’s new partner, who will be announced in the coming days. We will continue our partnership with the Wood Brothers Racing team on our other charter moving forward into the future. We look forward to the 2021 season. Driver update will come forward after the remaining full time teams announce their 2021 driver line-ups!"

Former NASCAR Cup Series driver Matt Tifft and BJ McLeod have purchased the charter that is associated with this team. Their purchase will take over for Hilaire's ownership interest in Circle Sport Racing. Joe Falk, part owner of Circle Sport will continue to serve an ownership role in this team overall. No details on driver, sponsor, or manufacturer information is available at this time.

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