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Top Ten Tweets of The Week

Each week here on Racing Refresh we like to look back to the week that was on X. Let's get started! 10.

We saw some history Sunday, with plenty of controversies because of tire issues.


I wonder if Kasey has any interest in getting back behind the wheel in a NASCAR series? It would be fun to see! 8.

One of the true Bristol legends seemed to enjoy Sunday's action. Boogity. 7.

It's going to be a diverse field this weekend! I'm excited to see what Kobayashi can do. Hopefully, things go well enough that he has an interest in coming back for years to come.


How cool is this? There are few things more valuable in the sport than Four Fresh Mr.Feelgoods! 5.

It's been incredibly special seeing NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club celebrate 75 yesrs of the Petty family being in racing. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the well-deserved tributes this year. 4.

Speaking of Legacy MC. Jimmie Johnson got another well-deserved honor. We're only a few weeks away from seeing his return to the track! 3.

No disrespect to other motorsports but it's great to see NASCAR casting a wider net. It would be wonderful to see NASCAR become a global sport similar to baseball. American football is laying a pretty good blueprint down on how to do it, 2.

They should take notes on the parking set up in South Park Colorado. 1.

It's a hot take for sure. What did you think of the Food City 500?


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