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Top Ten Tweets Of The Week

Each week here on Racing Refresh we like to take a look back to the week that was in motorsports through the eyes of X. Let's get started!


They even got the font?!?!? Big league. 9.

Mark Martin the hip-hop aficionado! Who would have thought? I think he should rank Eminem higher though. 8.

Given how well this car is performing at mile-and-a-half tracks I think there's no question we should go back to Chicagoland. What say you?


I feel like this could a huge conflict of interests if this were to happen. I have my doubts that this comes to pass. However, the charter debate gets more interesting by the week. 6.

NASCAR is a great period of transition. But, we may see the biggest transition ever if they go Hybrid in a few years. Personally, I think it's only a matter of time. 5.

Look, we don't typically toot our own horn here but, toot toot. 4.

Is this true? It may be soon to give it those type of declarations. 3.

New winners are special to see no matter what motorsport we're watching. 2.

Bob breaks it down as only he can. It's shaping up to be quite the silly season. 1.

The agony of defeat.


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