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Top Ten Tweets Of The Week (After Iowa)

Each week here at Racing Refresh we like to take a look back to the week that was in motorsports on X. Let's get started! 10.

This is great news. Radioactiive tends to be a weekly highlight. I'm still hoping that someone gives us a NASCAR weekly show to watch, if not daily. 9.

You got to love this graphic. So simple, yet, so heartwarming. 8.

What an impressive run for Josh Berry at Iowa. I was starting to think it could be his day. If he keeps this up he'll have a Cup ride next season. 7.

I know plenty of people are critical of Fox, but this is a wonderful move for IndyCar. Fox is a large network, and that is a good thing. 6.

One of the most unique concepts in NASCAR returns in just a few weeks. The question is, will the weather corporate? Time will tell. 5.

Well, I'm not going to disagree with Mario Andretti. 4.

Could Martin Truex Jr go out on top? It's not out of the realm of possibility. Truex is still extremely competitive. 3.

Jimmie Johnson droving scheme that was designed by his daughters is pretty cool. 2.

Could we see Martin Truex Jr in a 23XI car at some point next season. I think it's very possible. 1.

Congratulations to Martin Truex Jr on one hell of a career.


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