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Top Ten Tweets Of The Week (After Sonoma)

Each week at Racing Refresh we like to look back to the week that was in the world of motorsports on X. Let's get started!


The King has been cool since before most of us were even born. He's showing no signs of slowing down. 9.

Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions, but, it sure feels like any progress made with the charter negotiations has hit a snag. Hopefully, a deal will be reached soon. The business side of the sport may come to a halt otherwise. 8.

I have to agree with Kevin Harvick here. I hope if MTJ decides to retire at the end of the 2024 season, he announces it soon. Better yet, he should give it one last go in 2025 so people have a chance to enjoy him for a final time. 7.

Jack Roush sounds like he was a tough man to work for back in the day. But, to be as successful as he has been in this sport, you have to want it a little more.


The NBC portion of the schedule begins this week! I'm looking forward to it! 5.

Talk about a who's who. 4.

We miss Steve to this day. 3.

The end of this wonderful show is a sad day for NASCAR 2.

SVG vs Austin Hill is the feud the Xfinity Series needs. 1.

We have lost an icon.


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