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Top Ten Tweets of The Week (Darlington Week)

Each week here on Racing Refresh we take a look back on the week that was in motorsports on X. Let's get started! 10.

The in-season tournament is now a thing. It got a mixed reaction. Loved by new, younger fans. Largely panned by old-school purists. Let's see how it pans out next season. 9.

Brad K. Man of the people. 8.

Larson has the type of talent to make any move work. We may see something like this again someday. 7.

Is there a cooler Victory celebration in NASCAR right now? I don't think so. 6.

Seeing Mike Joy in a Speed dress shirt reminds you of a better time and better coverage for a NASCAR fan. Hopefully, NASCAR's new partners can give more than Fox is willing to these days. 5.

The King has never been one to mince words or sugarcoat his feelings. If you ask him a question you will get an answer.


How cool is this? 3.

NASCAR's renewed effort to actively and continuously honor the history of the sport has been so wonderful to see. 2.

Kyle Larson is not a Swifty. Maybe. 1.

I love the passion. This shows what winning means in NASCAR. You want the drivers to do everything they can to win.


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