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44 Days 'Til Daytona - Today's Featured Driver: Bubba Wallace

In case you missed it, StatChat is counting down the days ‘til the 2021 Daytona 500. Every two days, we will have a new article featuring one of the Top 30 Drivers of 2020. 22nd Place – Bubba Wallace – 597 pts

By the Numbers: 21.08 2020 Average Finish – Bubba Wallace, in his 3rd full-time Cup Series season, had the best average finish of his career. While only 3 seasons is a fairly small sample size, it was a significant difference (2.86 positions) from even his 2nd best year. -332 Pass Differential – Ranking worst out of all drivers in 2020, Wallace was passed 332 more times than he passed other drivers. Since Pass Differential only measures passes under green flags, it may be a flawed statistic. However, when the 2nd worst Pass Differential, belonging to Quin Houff, is 108 positions better (-244), it certainly doesn’t show well for Bubba. 1st Place Daytona Average Finish – Bubba Wallace, with an Average Finish of 14.86 at Daytona over the course of 7 career races at the Super Speedway. The next two best drivers are Brennan Poole (with a surprisingly low 15.50) and Austin Dillon (15.53). 17 Lead Lap Finishes – Finishing on the lead lap can be a good indicator of a driver who keeps his car clean, and is consistently competitive. Bubba Wallace finished 2020 with 17 of the 36 races being Lead Lap Finishes, only good enough for 47.2% of the season. 261,921 Gained Twitter Followers – From February to November 2020, Bubba Wallace gained (approximately) 261,921 Twitter followers. The 2020 NASCAR season will likely be most remembered as the COVID season, but it was also a year of progress, acceptance, and inclusion – a lot of which was spearheaded by Bubba Wallace. Wallace gained notoriety beyond NASCAR through his open support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Bubba has famously left Richard Petty Motorsports and joined the new 23XI Racing team formed by Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, and will drive the No. 23 Toyota. Coming up in two days – Chris Buescher

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