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StatChat Presents "Countdown to Daytona: By the Numbers"

StatChat Presents: Countdown to Daytona: By the Numbers

As any NASCAR fan knows, the worst part of the year comes right after the championship race, as we anxiously wait for racing to come back. 2020 has been the world’s longest year, and while we here at Racing Refresh can’t make February 2021 come any quicker, we can help you pass the time with a new StatChat feature!

December 16th marks 60 days until the start of the Daytona 500, so StatChat proudly presents the “StatChat Countdown to Daytona: By the Numbers.” We’ll bring you a new article every 2 days, counting down the Top 30 from the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Season. Each article will have a variety of noteworthy numbers, statistical breakdown, and also some random fun facts to get you geared up for Daytona 2021.

The Top 30 have been determined by their points finish in 2020, which means that 30th place driver Corey LaJoie will start us off on December 16th, and then every second day a new driver will be featured until we reach Chase Elliott, 2020 Cup Series Champ, 2 days before the Daytona 500 on February 14th, 2021.

Make sure you come back and visit every two days to stay up-to-date on the “StatChat Countdown to Daytona: By the Numbers.”


December 16

January 15

December 18

January 17

December 20

January 19

December 22

January 21

December 24

January 23

December 26

January 25

December 28

January 27

December 30

January 29

January 1

January 31

January 3

February 2

January 5

February 4

January 7

February 6

January 9

February 8

January 11

February 10

January 13

Chase Elliott

February 12


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